( Creative Visual Director & Consultant Photographer / Retoucher )

With a focus on natural environments, her colorful photography follows a distinctive aesthetic vision.

Through her experiences she is able to satisfy clients ranging from the travel and fashion industries till non-governmental environmental organizations, by providing a full production service from creative concept to post production.

Lately she´s also been working in the studio as part of the creative team „The Artpole“ for social-cultural
and other upcoming art projects and events.





„Places that seem just outside the edge of reality“

I go specifically on a search for extraordinary aesthetic experiences to connect and unify man with nature.
An aesthetic experience is a process, in which your attention is completely focused on the beauty that you encounter, while all other objects, events, and everyday concerns simply vanish.

In my pictures it is important to me to try to capture the soul of the landscapes and places in a way, that I experienced them in my personal perception in this very moment of „now“. On longer viewing, they reveal deeper layers of classical aesthetics and become a kind of Arcadian soul landscape, which can open up their own spaces of imagination in the viewer.

These places and images connect me to a deep sense of gratitude for life and the elements that make it possible. It is all about finding our place as a human without disturbing the natural harmony of this world.